1. PT. Pupuk Kaltim announce the regulation about the activities of product/service request with the priority to get them directly from the manufacturer, official distributor, or sole agent to prevent subcontract that has less value in its delivery. Therefore, PT. Pupuk Kaltim must know the vendor registration certificate.
  2. PT. Pupuk Kaltim use Terms and Conditions for each of its user account. For the users who have registered and agreed through PKT ePRO (PKT List Sheet) will legally join the following terms and conditions:
    1. Fulfill the administrative requirements:
      1. Complying with the government regulation in conducting product and service businesses.
      2. Having technical and managerial capability as the provider of product and service.
      3. Not in the law investigation, bankruptcy, stuck business activity or leading a business that has ever had a law problem.
      4. Legally having the capability to sign the contracts
      5. Comply with the obligation to pay tax
      6. Having human resource, finance capital, equipments, and other ownership facilities needed to purchase products or service.
      7. Not in the list of blacklisted companies.
      8. Having a clear and fixed address, also can be reached through mail box.
      9. For the product and service supplier, all the requirements must be fulfilled, except for number 6.
    2. Fulfill the technical requirements:
      1. Information about the company facilities
      2. Information about the data used and the capacity of the production
      3. Number of human resources and their quality
      4. Innovative and technology
      5. Delivery
      6. Quality control and SOP
      7. Other certificates (if necessary)
    3. Have the capability and experience in handling field job
  3. All the clients will be filtered through the technical and administrative criteria. In this case, PKT has the rights to conduct a direct examination and evaluation on the facilities owned by the clients. All the decisions made by PKT is absolute and inviolable, also there is no obligation for PKT to give detailed explanation on the decision that it makes.
  4. PKT has the rights to conduct performance assessment to every vendor periodically and determine the number of vendors who may join the product procurement activities.
  5. The decision to make prospective clients become active clients is based on the agreement in PKT's vendor management team in accordance with the valid regulations.

Qualification Requirements

All interested vendors must fulfill all the criteria to be our partners.
  1. Administration Point of View

  2. To improve the data accuracy and correct choice, partners must give the latest information to PKT's vendor management team if there are some changes in the biodata or business field.
    The requirements to be PKT partners are:
    1. The requirements to be PKT partners for companies located in Indonesia:
      1. Certificate of Corporate Establishment
      2. Company's Management Hierarchy
      3. Trading Permit (SIUP)
      4. Place of Business License (SITU)
      5. The recent Corporate Balance Sheet
      6. Bank Reference
      7. Work Experience
      8. Tax Identification Number (NPWP)
      9. Taxable Business/ Company (PKP)
      10. Company Distribution (TDP )
      11. Statement that the owner is not a civil servant
      12. Sole Agent/Distributor certificate (if available)
      13. License as a Manufacturer (if available)
      14. E-mail account
      15. Mobile phone number
    2. For the companies located outside Indonesia:
      1. Company Profile
      2. Experience List
      3. E-mail account
      4. Mobile phone number
      5. Tax ID
    All of the above requirements must be sent to PKT via courier or electronic file.
  3. Product Point of View
  4. All the projects in PT. Pupuk Kaltim need product procurement with suitable quality, quantity, and applied technology. Also, the delivery arrangement must be complete, fast, and comprehensive.
  5. Finance Point of View
  6. There should be the latest financial report, clear support statement or finance warrant, partnership with banks with international standard, and payment term must be in accordance with the project needs in PT. Pupuk Kaltim.
NOTES: Our official partner must be innovative and has been trusted to be able to compete by completing our needs, has creativity, and utilizes any sources of technology to participate in the projects of PT. Pupuk Kaltim.